Bluetooth v3.0 Music Receiver

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Bluetooth v3.0 Music Receiver

This device allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device (including mobile phones, laptops, PC, tablets or MP3 players) to a non-Bluetooth enabled stereo or speaker.

If you have a stereo/Hi-Fi at home that does not have Bluetooth, then you can use this device to play your wireless Bluetooth music through it.

You can also turn your old car stereo into a Bluetooth speakers in seconds! Your stereo must have a AUX input. If you do not have one, there are alternative ways of doing this (for example, an cassette with an AUX port that fits into your cassette player).


Easy To Operate: Simply connect your stereo or speaker with our device, and immediately transform it into a fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Wireless Play: Removing troubles of wired connection, through the wireless connection and transmission, enjoy a high fidelity music at any place indoor by wireless control.

Perfectly Compatible: Our products can be compatible with nearly 95% of mobile phones or computers on the market. Supports iPhone, iPad and 99% of smart phones and tablets.

Portable design: with mini size, the feature of portable can let you carry them to anywhere you want.

Operation steps:

Step one:

For Speakers without a USB port: Supply power to the device by inserting the USB Bluetooth Receiver into any standard (5 Volt) USB port, then connect the Speaker's AUX port with the audio cable.

For Speakers with USB port: Insert the USB Bluetooth Receiver into speaker's USB port directly ,then then connect the Speaker's AUX port with the audio cable.

Step two:

Hold down the pairing button on the Bluetooth receiver until it flashes red/blue. Turn on the Bluetooth function of computer,mobile or other device which has Bluetooth function, searching for the "BT Speaker" device to connect. If required, input 0000 for matching when the device is in the matching mode. Now you can use your mobile phone/tablet for playing the music though the stereo.


Bluetooth 3.0+EDR
Support A2DP V1.2
Powered by 5V DC
Transmission rate: 3(Mbps)
Transmission distance: 10 metres
Power supply mode: USB-POWER
Unit size: 55*20*10mm
Net weight: 13g
Colour: Black

Package includes:

1 x USB Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Instruction Card

To save on size and postage costs, the plastic box will not be sent.

Other helpful information:

If your stereo does not have a single AUX 3.5mm input, but it instead has the red and white AUX connectors, you can still use this device but you will also need a red/white audio to 3.5mm jack cable.

If your stereo does not have a USB port, and you do not have any other USB ports nearby, there are other ways of getting a USB power. You can get a USB port that plugs into AC mains supply. You could also get an adapter that could be used with any Micro USB/Android standard mobile phone charger. For a car, you can use a USB charger that fits in the cigarette lighter.

Warranty: 1 Year

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